Chasing the Phantom

An Exploration of Myth, Meaning, and High Places

Traveling, real traveling, is a journey into the mind and heart, as well as a passage through time and space. These are parallel adventures – while the world outside changes its shapes and  colors before our eyes, the world inside is being reshaped in mysterious ways.  There is a third kind of journey though, and it can begin much later in time; it is the recounting and synthesis of the former two. This is the process where the bits and pieces of our inner and outer worlds are compared and assembled in new ways, and out of which meaning is slowly, and with effort, wrung. The bits may be personal memories and philosophical speculations, but also antecedents ­– the journeys of others before. These are the bits gleaned from myth and literature, matched and compared with one’s own.      

This process is what the writing of creative non-fiction means to me.

Eduard Fischer


Chasing the Phantom published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers under their Singing Dragon imprint in June 2014. Any reader's comments on previews featured on this site would be greatly appreciated by the author.   Comment